Eye & Vision Exams

Eye Exams Provided by a Baton Rouge, LA Optometrist 

Eye Exams Provided by a Baton Rouge, LA Optometrist

Your eyes are essential for your ability to read, drive, or partake in many other activities. To keep your eyes healthy, you should visit our optometry practitioner, Dr. Kevin Duong: serving Baton Rouge, LA, and the general vicinity, on a routine basis for an eye exam.

About an Eye Exam - Vision Screening

An eye exam consists of you looking into a device that showcases lines of letters. Our optometrist asks you to read the lines. Based on the one you can see, our optometrist can determine the strength of eyeglasses or contacts you require. 

Next, our optometrist will ask you to look into a different machine. You see two images. Then, you have to identify which one appears clearer to you. Our optometrist uses your responses to determine if you have astigmatism and to what degree. 

Often, your vision screening can help our practitioner tell if you have certain eye health issues. 

About an Eye Health Exam

Part of your eye exam consists of our optometrist looking into your eyes using a specialized magnifying glass. It allows our eye doctor to see your retina and other components of your eye. Our doctor may dilate your pupils before the test to get a better view. During your visit, our physician will ask you to look into two different devices. One of those machines will blow air into your eyes to check the pressure of your eyes, which can help diagnose potential diseases.

About a Contact Lens or Eyeglass Fitting 

If our physician notices a vision deficit, you'll need to undergo an eyeglass or contact fitting. Patients who want both eyeglasses and contacts have to have both performed. An eyeglass fitting consists of you choosing your frames and us sizing them to your face. A contact lens fitting is a bit more entailed. During this portion of your exam, you look into a machine that measures the diameter of your eyes to fit you with contacts. Our optometrist uses this information along with the details of your vision exam to find the contacts that are right for you. Some patients require special contacts that extend across the entire sclera. You may benefit from contacts specifically for astigmatism if you have a severe problem. 

How Often Should You Get an Exam 

If you have a vision problem, you should get your eyes examined each year. For everyone else, you should visit our office every two years for an exam. Those with diabetes should get their eyes checked at least once per year. 

Book an eye exam with Dr. Kevin Duong, serving Baton Rouge, LA, and the nearby region, by calling (225) 295-4615.


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