Contact Lens Exams

If you want to wear contact lenses instead of traditional glasses, the first step necessary to get a contact lens prescription is to make an appointment with our optometrist, Dr. Kevin Duong. We are proud to serve Baton Rouge and surrounding areas with quality optometry services. Read on to learn what happens during a contact lens exam. 


Your History and Current Eye Health Is Discussed

Our optometry team will provide you with paperwork to fill out about your eye health. This will be read over before your examination is conducted, allowing our doctor to know if you are currently having problems with your vision. If you have seen another optometrist in the past, request that your documentation is forwarded to our office so that we can examine your eye health history. Be sure to alert our optometry specialist if you take any medication for a health condition.

Your Eye Health and Vision Are Checked In Detail

Our staff will conduct a few tests to check for signs of abnormalities in your eyes. These tests are non-invasive, and only take a few minutes of your time to complete. You will need to read a chart of letters to determine your current prescription strength. Since you are interested in contact lenses, a contact lens fitting is necessary. A contact lens fitting determines what contact lens is best for you, evaluates your tear film and cornea, and measures the curvature of the cornea. Also, it makes sure that your contacts fit you properly to avoid causing damage to the eye, discomfort, or blurry vision.

You Will Try on a Sample Set of Lenses

In most cases, you will have the opportunity to try on a sample set of contact lenses during your appointment. After you are provided with instructions regarding their insertion, removal, and care, your eyes will be checked while they are in place. Our optometrist may recommend coming back for another visit in a week or two to check on your eye health and to find out if the contact lenses fit properly. If you experience any discomfort wearing your new lenses, contact our office for an assessment.

Schedule Your Contact lens Exam Today

Give Kevin Duong OD in Baton Rouge a call if you are interested in scheduling an eye examination for contact lenses. We are located inside Costco and offer convenient hours for our patients. Contact us at 225-295-4615.  


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